March 25 Meeting

For this meeting, I was hoping we could consider the construct of episodic  memory (described by Tulving) as a possible psychological analog to the kinds HOTs that Rosenthal was talking about. This may or may not work, but I think we should try.

I am posting two readings, with the thought that we should read the first (Tulving) one for next week. The second reading (by Baddeley) is very short an introduces the concept of the episodic buffer within the working memory framework. This one is optional for now, but we might return to this idea later

Same time (12-1:30) and Place (SSC 8438)

Tulving Paper

Baddeley Paper


One Response to March 25 Meeting

  1. Lee-Anna says:

    Hey gang,
    I came across a book chapter that discusses the connections between higher-order thought theories of consciousness and episodic/working memory. In case anyone was interested in following up on this stuff, I thought I’d pass the reference along:

    Rolls, E. T. (2008) “Emotion, higher-order syntactic thoughts, and consciousness”. In Lawrence Weiskrantz and Martin Davies (Eds.) Frontiers of Consciousness, Oxford University Press, p. 131-167.


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